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Richard LoveArt historian, educator, art dealer, artist, media personality and author, Richard H. Love has covered nearly every facet of the art field. Throughout his nearly 50 years of work in the community, Love has contributed a vast body of art-historical research in the field of 19th – early 20th century American paintings.

Beginning in the mid 1970’s, Love provided Chicago radio listeners with slices of American art history, known as “Comments on Fine Art.” Later he developed and produced “R. H. Love on American Art,” an unprecedented television show which Love expanded for international broadcasting on Central Educational Network as “American Art Forum with Richard Love.”

Love’s profound interest in the promotion of the arts was recognized by the numerous positions he filled including general trustee of the Lincoln Academy of Illinois, president of the Illinois Academy of Fine Arts, and member of the panel that directs the Illinois International Cultural Exchange Program, among others.

Love has been a teacher of both art and art history. Accordingly, his painting style evolved in two directions, the first, representational which focused on surrealistic subjects, the second abstract expressionist which were entitled “Quantum Images.” In recent years Love has exhibited his own works in many national shows for which he has earned several awards.  A two-year traveling exhibition of his abstract paintings was seen in a number of museums and galleries.

Love’s most widely recognized achievements in the field of American art history have been the numerous books and catalogs he has written on art and artists such as Mary Cassatt, Theodore Earl Butler, John Barber, and Louis Ritman, only to name a few.  The forthcoming publication of “Cyclopedia of American Impressionism” by Richard H. Love is the result of nearly 35 years of research and portends to be an unparalleled contribution to the history of American art.

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